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Why choose BISP

Incredible Enrichment

BISP welcomes young learners from over 150 nationalities to one of the UK's leading institutions. Our curriculum range from top tier interactive and fun English classes to extraordinary skill building activities from sports, professional coaching, and eye opening visits to world recognised companies to gain insight into corporations, history, and space travel. 

We concentrate all our resources and expertise in providing all our students with an exceptional learning experience that will encourage and instigate faster learning and phenomenal confidence that will at a minimum prepare them to overcome hurdles paving way for a much brighter and dynamic future. 

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How does summer school help to build confidence?

To paraphrase Albert Einstein; a person must learn the rule of the game, and then you must play better than anyone else. Ofcourse life is not a game, but what we do here at the summer camp is instil in every student the infinite abilities that they have. Confidence is a life skill that is unique to each person. It is about recognising and understanding your capabilities and valuing yourself and the decisions that you make. For young people, it can take time to build that confidence, but summer school is the perfect place to begin that journey, and in a short time we will successfully instil a positive influence that will propel them to overcome the challenges ahead with strength and resilience.

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Classroom Confidence

Finding yourself

Our highly experienced teachers ensure that all tasks and activities are centred around building confidence in the students to then stand on their feet and comprehend what is being taught. All our tasks are built around this key quality that enables students to open their mind, explore new ways of thinking, overcoming lack of confidence, and delivering better speech and overall a new and improved presentation of themselves.

We believe that smaller class sizes equals a better concentration of effort that closely resembles a one to one session but with the added bonus of team work that centres around building communication skills, taking part in better learning activities, and a higher level of motivation in all students. In group sessions, tutors begin to see the quieter students speak up with new ideas and take lead in debates that they are passionate about which in turn leads to interesting discussions outside of the classroom.

Compared to the usual term-time curriculum, academic programmes at summer school give students the freedom to explore areas of the subject that they find the most appealing and they have the time to learn the curriculum more fluently. Focusing on the subject that they are interested in and seeing themselves enhance their understanding so deeply and quickly inspires students to share their new knowledge with confidence and excitement. 

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Supportive Staff

An environment built to make you thrive

A nurturing environment is not achievable without the right staff in place to create an atmosphere and opportunities that complete it. As soon as they arrive at summer camp, staff proactively make connections with every child and begin to recognise their amazing individual attributes that give them a reason to be confident.  
Mentors, Activity Leaders and House Parents all play an essential role in ensuring that students have opportunities to express themselves freely. This can be through encouraging students to participate in group activities, allowing them to share games from their home countries or have some one-on-one time to reflect on their day. BISP Staff are constantly encouraging students not to let these moments pass them by but to face them head-on with confidence and enthusiasm.

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